I (Rutu – owner and co-founder) lost my father at the age of 10 and brother at the age of 18 to suicide. So needless to say, mental health and suicide prevention is something I am deeply passionate about. 

We wanted to honour his life and promote a message of hope at the same time by creating vibrant, intentional and meaningful designs. his talented best friend Mel who is an illustrator artist created all of the 2012 designs. although we had a lot of support when we first launched we had to stop production not long after because we all needed to take time out together as a family to deal with the tragic loss.


It has now been 10 years, and It only felt right to pick this project back up and bring it back to life, so here we are. Everything has been created, designed, and made by me. I have spent 100s of hours bringing this together, making sure to source the highest quality materials and vinyl so that I can offer a product that people will be proud to wear, and most importantly become a staple comfort piece worn whenever possible. 


rutu and family


We are donating 100% of the profits which will go to the I Am Hope Foundation ( ), which helps pay for counselling fees for those who cannot afford them to ensure they receive the support they need.  




Hope Is My Homeboy is a reminder that we need to check on each other, that our home and Whānau are where we can be ourselves, and feel safe, secure, and seen. It is about empowering those in need, creating opportunities for them to create a life worth living, giving back to our communities, and taking a hands-on approach to helping others. 


If you would like to get behind the vision, feel free to purchase an item or even a few for your friend and Whānau, and let's try and make a change together.




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